Protest on Saturday, 17/9/2011 at 2pm

  • from 13h30: Gathering in front of the European Parliament, Place du Luxembourg, Brussels
  • from 14h00: Speeches and official start of the protest march from the Place du Luxembourg towards the Rond Point Robert Schuman
  • ca. 15h00: Manifestation at the European Commission, Rond Point Robert Schuman and then walking to the city center (on pavements only!)
  • ca. 16h30:  Gathering in front of the Chapelle de la Madeleine (near Grasmarkt)
  • ca. 18h00: Closing/end of manifestation

Brussels-protest-routeBring anything to show what our protest is about: signs, banners, flags, cctv-dummies, clothing, costumes or anything else.


  • Patrick Breyer (de, AK Vorrat)
  • Tony Bunyan (uk, Statewatch)
  • J.M.T. (Miek) Wijnberg (nl, Vrijbit)
  • Alexander Sander (de-at-be, noPNR.org)
  • Twister alias Bettina Hammer (at, journalist)

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