First thoughts…

For a while now, a few people have had the idea to organize a demonstration under the heading or theme “Freedom not Fear” in Brussels.

Today more than ever, European policy making is affecting our every day lives and our civil liberties in our home countries. Therefore, it is high time to show to our the politicians, representatives and to every responsible person in the European institutions that we care. We we will not quietly accept directives, proposals or agreements anymore that are violating our fundamental rights as European citizens. We want to show our deepest concerns regarding the current European plans to review the data retention direcitve, to come to agreements with the USA, Canada or Australia to transfer our passenger name records. We are very worried about the imminent signing of the ACTA and European projects to cut off Internet users for online infringements. The increasing number of unnecessary and disproportionate governmental surveillance measures as well as massive user data collection by companies on the Internet are more than worrying.

Therefore, we would like to offer you the opportunity to come to Brussels on the 10th /17th or 19th September 2011 and demonstrate

  • for our right to privacy
  • for a free, open, uncensored and neutral Internet
  • for a respect of our fundamental rights and freedoms on the Internet and elsewhere.

We demand…


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