Practical Stuff

Travelling to Brussels

The German organisation FoeBuD is travelling by bus from Bielfeld in Germany and back from 17-19 September. You can buy a seat on the bus for 65,- €uros which includes a visit to the European parliament.

There are busses (Eurolines), planes and trains going to Brussels. The biggest train station is Brussels Midi (South).

Check out the open data project iRail with a simple and mobile interface to quickly look up train departure times in Belgium – they have mobile apps as well.

Getting around in Brussels

Please note that on the 18th there will a car-free day in Brussels, but public transport is free.

Here is some general information. If you’re staying a couple of days, it often makes sense to buy one ticket with 10 journeys. You can find information on ticket prices here and more information on the webite of the public transport system. For an overview of metros, trams and busses , you can consult the complete network map here (pdf).

There are also 180 Villo! stations all over the city where you can rent a bike – it’s quick and easy!


To find a place to sleep, you can have a look at the Brussels Wiki travel page.

For more information on travel and accomodation, you can have a look at the wiki over here.


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